Live young with the Baby and Me App: Evian

It seems the success of Evian’s latest live young campaign hasn’t quit ended. Following from the viral Baby and me ad, Evian coupled with BETC digital and B-Reel to create the Evian Baby and Me mobile App to allow users to see their inner baby’s.

The simple to use app is available on iOS and Android, where you can upload or take a photo of yourself, select a skin tone and eye shape and within (from my experience, 10) mins bam!, it’s the baby you… Well it’s not really, the app selects 70 parts of the users face and searches the database for the most resembling details of all the babies’ faces and badabing there you have it.

Check mine out:

Baby- fy app 2

We have matching afros!.

Download the app and have a go yourself!.

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7 comments on “Live young with the Baby and Me App: Evian
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  2. hammy says:

    I wana see my baby picture

    • lizsonvd says:

      Hi hammy,

      Sure thing- You can download the free ‘Baby and me’ app from the android market or the apple app store on your mobile device.


  3. Asha says:

    I’ve tried my App Store on my iPhone for the baby an me but there’s no results can anyone help?

    • lizsonvd says:

      Hi Asha,
      You’re best bet is to keep on trying. It took several tries over 3 days before I could get another ‘babyfied picture’, along with that suggestion I would also recommend changing your photo as I found the app seems to like photo’s with more lighting. And Perhaps as a last resort you could try uninstalling and re-installing the app?.

      Hope that helps!.

  4. saba says:

    I cant seem to find the ‘baby and me’ app anywhere. Plus i have an android…

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